African white star apple benefits

Chrysophyllum albidum, also known as the white star apple, is a forest fruit found in tropical Africa. The dark yellow fruit is usually grown in rural areas from December to April. When you pick it from the tree, it’s sour and acidic, but when the fruit falls to the ground, it’s ripe and sweet.

In the star fruit, the pulp surrounds five brown seeds arranged in the shape of a star. It is split open by squeezing, exposing the pulp, which is digested by chewing it slowly after the milky, sticky juice has drained away. There are also times when juice is fermented into wine or distilled into spirits.

Tropical fruits common in West Africa


There are many health benefits of the African white apple but the main amount them are:

It is less in calories as one cup of fresh white star apple contains 67 calories and offers no fat

the leaves of the fruit are used to treat malaria, constipation and diarehia

the fruit is good for wieght loss. its very ideal for the people who are willing to loss their weight

It is good for pregnancy

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