how many types of Mangoes are there?

Surely you’ve tasted apples and oranges, but have you tried the tropical goodness that is mangoes? Sweet in taste and perfect on their own or in a smoothie, mangos offer a lot of health benefits.

Mangoes are the sweetest fruits known. As per the Guinness Book of World Records, the carabao mango is the sweetest of all. Its sweetness is derived from the amount of fructose it contains. Fructose is a known sugar.

Almost 300 different varieties of mango grow around the world. Mangos can weigh anywhere from a few ounces to more than five pounds each, depending on the variety. They prefer warm, tropical places, like Florida, India, Pakistan and etc However, only a few types of mango are consumed on a global scale.

The top 5 main mangoes varieties are mention below

Alphonso mangoes

01) Alphonso mangoes

Alphonso mangoes are known as the King of mangoes because of their unparalleled taste and texture. Named after Portuguese general Afonso de Albuquerque, Alphonso mangoes are among the most popular in the world.

Alphonso mangoes have their origins in India and are incredibly juicy and sweet. This large variety of mango has bright yellow skin with soft orange undertones. Inside, you will find rich golden-red flesh that is creamy and not too fibrous.

the Alphonso is also the most exported variety. Around 60% of all its exports go to the Middle East. Grown most famously in the Ratnagiri region of Maharashtra, it is also found along with the western parts of Gujarat and Karnataka.

Sindhri mangoes

02) sindhri mangoes

The Sindhri mango originated from the town name in Mirpur Khas District of Sindh Pakistan.  It is also grown in the Rahim Yar Khan and Multan regions of Pakistan. According to Wikipedia, It is frequently referred to as the Queen of mangoes. It is a large, oval-shaped fruit with yellow skin, a low fiber content, and high aromatic content.

Sindhi’s peak season begins around mid-May and lasts until the end of June. Other varieties of mangoes available in Pakistan include Anwar Ratool, Chaunsa, Saroli, Samar Bahisht, Fajri, Neelum, Almas, Sanwal, Surkha, Sunera, and many more.

Sein Ta Lone

03) Sein Ta Lone mangoes

The Sein Ta Lone Mango from Myanmar, also known as the diamond solitaire mango, is one of the many mango varieties available in Myanmar.

Sein Ta Lone mangoes are considered the best mangoes in Myanmar, and are even compared with the best mangoes in the world due to their delightful aroma, sweetness, juiciness, and non-fibrous nature… everything you love about mangoes is found in the Sein Ta Lone.

The orangy fleshed mango dominates the fruit market from April to August. Diamond mangoes are generally grown in the southern parts of Myanmar. The Ma Chit Su, the Mya Kyauk, the Yin Kwal, and the Shwe Hintha are some other varieties of mangoes found in Myanmar. 


04) ANWAR RATOL mangoes

Anwar Ratol’s existence is owed to Anwar-ul-Haq, who is said to have been the first person to cultivate this kind of mango in a village named Rataul near Baghpat district in Uttar Pradesh, India. This mango mainly grows in the Punjab province of Pakistan. and has a distinctive sweet taste and fragrance with fibreless flesh

Because of the high demand, it only appears on the market for a brief time in two bursts, once at the start of the mango season from May to June, when it is thin-skinned but extraordinarily sweet, and then in July to August, when it has a relatively thicker skin but is less sweet.


05) Ataulfo mangoes

Known for its golden yellow skin, this variety of mango is named after the grower Ataulfo Morales Gordillo. Ataulfo mangoes are predominantly imported from Mexico and are best known for their buttery, elegant texture when they are ripe.

Ataulfo is a descendant of Philipino mangoes. Its seedling arrived in Mexico during the 18th-century Manila-Acapulco galleon trade.

The Mexican Institute of Industrial Property designated Chiapas as the origin of Ataulfo in 2016. Many consider Ataulfo to be as precious to Mexico as Champagne is to France. It is without a doubt one of the best mango varieties in the world.

some other well known mangoes are listed below

  •  Pairi
  • Chaunsa
  • Badami
  • Dashehari
  • Ivory
  • Fairchild
  • Fazli (mango)
  • Carrie
  • Angie
  • Kensington Pride
  • Nam Doc Mai
  • Brahm Kai Meu
  • Southern Blush
  • Parvin
  • Fajri Kalan
  • Cherukurasamu
  • Gold Nugget
  • Almaas
  • Anderson

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