Future Of Agriculture


The two enormous drivers of food demand—population and income—are on the rise. The world’s population is anticipated to reach 9.7 billion individuals in 2050, up from 7.91 billion in 2021. Agriculturists universally must increase food production by 70 percent to meet the needs of the bigger population, according to a report from the  Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

In the developing nations where the population is growing at a faster clip, production will have to be compelled to double, the FAO  predicted. but developed regions like Europe will too need to increase their yield in order to feed populations that are being boosted by longer life spans and immigration

 According to David Widmar, Purdue College ag economist.“ As earnings rise, customer preference moves from wheat and grains to legumes, and after that to meat, including chicken, and beef,” A different trend is rising in profoundly developed nations with more health-conscious populations. The center on starch-based crops like corn will move to more plant-based proteins like soybeans and other vegetables, which helps support other companies that share its vision of creating more crops with fewer assets.


According to the Media Lab’s Open Agriculture Initiative report that they have made basil plants that are reasonably more delicious than any you have tasted at any point ever. No genetic change is involved: The researchers utilized computer algorithms to determine the ideal developing conditions to amplify the centralization of flavorful molecules known as volatile compounds.

Caleb Harper, a principal research scientist in MIT’s Media Lab and director of the OpenAg group says that it is just the beginning for the new field of “Cyber agriculture,” His group is currently working on enhancing the human disease battling properties of herbs, and they additionally desire to help growers with adjusting to changing climates by studying how crops grow under various conditions.

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