top 5 kinds of almonds

Nuts like almonds are enjoyed by people of all ages and are among the most popular nuts. They are quality food items for regular consumption because of their high nutritional content. From improving brain development to protecting the heart and acting as an antioxidant, almonds are a superfood that can potentially increase your health.

The origin of almonds is from Iran and neighbouring countries but is cultivated in different countries worldwide. There are several varieties, and types of almonds available in the market. Among them, the top five are mentioned as:

the best kind of almonds

05) Sonora Almonds

Known as the strange almond, this California nut is noted for its peculiar shell and peculiar taste. A well-known characteristic of Sonora almonds is their relatively thin shelf (when compared with other varieties). The dark brown colour and rough surface make it easy to identify them. the nut, however, is large, long, and narrow.

04) Peerless Almonds

Do you know what Peerless Almonds are and what they mean? These almonds are among the most popular varieties. Their California origin makes them particularly notable. One of the most easily recognized characteristics is the smooth surface of the peerless almonds, which have a hard shell and a light colour.

The nut is medium in size and possesses a fairly wrinkled surface.

One of the biggest advantages, particularly to the harvesters and sellers of peerless almonds, is their relatively long shelf life, that of 24 months.

03)  Butte Almonds

Butte almonds are among the most popular nuts in the world. You can easily identify these different types of almonds by their semi-hard shells’ light colour and smooth surface.

Aside from that, this is a nut that is relatively small in size, short, plump and has a wrinkled surface.

02) Carmel Almonds

Carmel almonds are one of the different kinds of almonds. However. . Don’t get confused; it isn’t caramel. Carmel almonds are a popular variety of almonds from California. Blanching and roasting are common methods of preparing these almonds.  They were first introduced decades back in 1966.

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