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Jackfruit is an outlandish natural product filled in tropical areas of the world It belongs to the family Moraceae and is native to China, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka. It is developed for the eatable flesh. At the point when green, it is a valued vegetable in numerous Asian and different nations in the West and is developed all through India, Bangladesh, the East Indies, the Philippines, Thailand, somewhat in Queensland, Mauritius, Kenya, and Uganda. In the last few years, it has become well known in the US as well.

Jackfruit is one of the world’s largest fruits  It typically weighs about 35 pounds.

There are many different jackfruit variety options available in the market, and they all come from various places.

01) Cheena Jackfruit

‘Cheena’ (right) is a natural hybrid between jackfruit and chempedak. It has an open, flat growth habit and can be maintained at a height and spread of 8.1 feet (2.5 m) with annual pruning. It consistently produces 50 to 70 kilograms (110 to 154 pounds) per tree.

It has green skin with blunt spines that are yellow and open slightly as it matures. Fruits weight 2.4 kg (5.3 lb) and have a 33% edible flesh content. The flesh is orange in color, soft and somewhat fibrous, with an excellent taste. The fruit has an intense, earthy aroma. Fruit preparation time can be as little as 15 minutes, compared to the 1 to 2 hours required for other cultivars.

02) Golden Nugget Jackfruit

Jackfruit golden nuggets are round, small, yellow, and weigh about seven pounds. They have dark orange flesh that is not firm, but maybe smooth when ripe.

03) Black Gold Jackfruit

Black gold jackfruits are among the most popular types of jackfruits available today. They grow in Australia and generally weigh between 15 pounds and have a deep green hide.

the hide has spikes on it. The inside of the black gold is soft and deep orange flesh with a sweet smell. 

04) Cochin Jackfruit

Jackfruits originated in Australia and the cochin jackfruit is the smallest, weighing about three pounds. It is round so that it stands out from other jackfruits. It is unlike many other jackfruits in that it can be eaten in its entirety.  This jackfruit is said to have a large edible flesh percentage. It has soft flesh with a mild taste and large seeds, all of which can be eaten. 

05) Golden Pillow Jackfruit

Golden pillow jackfruits are a Thai variety of jackfruit. They are green in color with blunt spikes. Golden pillow jackfruits are large, round, uniform in shape, and weigh from eight to twelve pounds. The golden pillow jackfruits have crunchy flesh inside. Despite the crunch, it has the same sweetness you expect from jackfruit. 

06) Honey Gold Jackfruit

A honey gold jackfruit can be found in Australia and is a small to medium-sized fruit that weighs between 10 and 12 pounds. It is a yellow-orange fruit with a firm texture and a strong aroma that is sweet and rich.

07) Dang Rasimi Jackfruit

This type of jackfruit originated in Thailand, weighing around 17 pounds each and delivering plenty of flavor during their growth spurts. Dang Rasimi are known for their deep orange flesh and their mild taste and smell.

08) Kun Wi Chan Jackfruit

Thailand is the origin of the Kun Wi Chan jackfruit. The fruit weighs between 33 and 40 pounds and is round and uniform in shape. A moderately firm to soft texture gives it a yellow color. The flavor is mild and pleasant. Among the jackfruits, it is considered to be the least flavorsome.

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