square watermelon from japan

Tomoyuki Ono a graphic designer invented square watermelons in 1978. In Tokyo, Japan he displayed the watermelons in a gallery. the square watermelons were intended to fit more compactly in fridges and be able to be cut more easily (without rolling). In Japan, they have even figured out a way to grow heart-shaped watermelons …. sort of like the ultimate gift for your vegan valentine.

Square watermelons don’t come from special seeds. They’re regular melons that are placed inside boxes while growing. They might look like a genetically modified watermelon from planet geometry but square watermelons are grown naturally and it’s so easy you can even do it in your own veggie patch at home.


What does square watermelon taste like?

Watermelons are supposed to make us happy. To bring back our memories of our youth and to have us imagine how far we can spit the seeds as they drip down our chins.

unfortunately the same is not the case with square watermelons because the watermelons that are grown in a square mold do not reach the full maturity that they remain Non-ripe watermelons do not taste quite as sweet, which is why some consumers use the fruit purely for decorative purposes.

why are square watermelons so expensive?

Japan is somehow called the home of expensive fruits because there are some very expensive fruits that are grown in Japan. One kind of melon, the Yubari king melon, costs $22,500. while a single white jewel strawberry will cost you $10.

One of the most unusual and striking-looking fruits both in Japan and across the globe is the square watermelon. Square watermelons can go for up to $200 each, but the cost is typically around $65.

weight of the square watermelon

In comparison to the normal watermelons, the square watermelons are less weighty as they weigh only 10 to 15 pounds, are compact, and will not roll away or take up an entire shelf in a refrigerator

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