Most Expensive Fruit: Yubari King Melon

The most expensive fruit in the world is The Yubari king Melon The scientific name of Yubari King Melon or Yubari Melon is Cucumis melo. It is a variety of hybridized Cantaloupe bred mainly found in the town of Yubari, Japan. In Japan, they are grown in Greenhouses, but they can also be developed in conventional nurseries in North America. the flavor of Yubari Melon is very consistent they are crunchy and sweet, very sweet!.

Yubari Melons are not speedy developing melons – indeed, they are somewhat slow-growing, taking 95 – 105 days to develop – not very ideal for Northern Gardeners because of the quality. You cannot expect matching the quality of the Japanese version.

According to Indiatimes Yubri melon from Japan is the most expensive fruit in the world. These melons are particularly developed in the Yubari region of Japan. Two of these Yubari muskmelons set a record price in 2019 when they were auctioned for $45,000 (generally Rs 33,00,000).

The weight of Yubari King Melon

The Yubari King Melons are not much different from other melons. Like all melons they are vining – a trellis isn’t really recommended for them, they can sprawl on the ground. However, setting plastic or plastic mulch between the ground and melon may be a great thought.

Yubari king Melon Is one of the most expensive fruit in the world

In the Japanese culture, melons are commonly used for Gifting on Occasions and special events, which is one reason for their popularity within the land of the rising Sun. Genuine Yubari Melons come only from this little agricultural community where the melons are developed using age-old procedures passed down from eras of Japanese farmers. They are developed in volcanic ash where the temperature and drainage are more promptly controlled.

A report from INSIDER says that This melon cost $200. But that’s nothing compared to the cost that a few can reach. And in May 2019, two melons from Hokkaido were sold at auction for 5 million yen. That’s just over $45,000.The fruit isn’t traditionally something you’d choose up as a snack in Japan but is a luxury that regularly plays a huge part in Japan’s gift-giving culture.

According to LEXUS Top 5, the most expensive fruit of the world are:

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