The Densuke Watermelon

The densuke watermelon is a Japanese fruit known for conceivably being the world’s most costly type of watermelon, reaching costs up to $6,000 at auctions for top-quality produce. The watermelon is dark in colour, crisp, and hard, with a distinctive level of sweetness than other watermelons.

The Densuke Watermelon is known for its tough skin that has a very dark shade of green to appear some of the time black and shiny. it is not however broadly developed outside of Japan, but the seeds start to be commercially available in Europe and America. It also has exceptionally few seeds. This fruit is grown only on Hokkaido, and it’s delivered in limited amounts, which puts them in high demand and at high prices. Densuke watermelons are usually packaged in cubic cardboard boxes for protection, and they come with certificates of origin included within the box.

Why is densuke Watermelon expensive?

The fact about the high cost of these watermelons is their scarcity, These watermelons can only be grown in Hokkaido, where are only 100 are produced each year. Even with the steep price tag, there are still individuals willing to purchase them. Secondly, these are sold at high prices because their taste is considered much sweeter than normal watermelons. Just like other luxury fruits, the sweeter it is, the higher it can be priced. One melon, in particular, sold for ¥650,000 (US$5,800), setting a record high in 2008. According to Economicstime Densuke Watermelons sell at auctions in Japan for exorbitant prices, typically anywhere from $2000-5000, per melon. Those big prices are only paid for the first few lots of the annual crop yield.

The densuke Watermelon seeds

The densuke are exceptionally uncommon; each year there are produced in rare quantities (less than a hundred). they are considered to be the most costly watermelon in the world and they can cost a least $250 up to $6,000 each. Seeds of the Densuke Watermelons are also hard to find as they have very few seeds inside them. The seeds can be bought on online selling Platforms costing almost 15$ to 40$.


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