what’s the most expensive strawberry

You might be surprised to learn that a strawberry costs 50,000 yen apiece. However, the strawberry named “Bijin-hime (beautiful princess)” made at Okuda Farm costs that much. The reason is the size, sweetness, shine, fragrance, and color of the strawberry.

On the Okuda Farm website, a photo shows the strawberry next to a 500 yen coin. Surprisingly, each piece weighs 100 grams, making it three times larger than the typical 3L strawberry.. The size definitely makes an impact.

There is a saying in Japan that says, “Peppers are small and hot. Radishes are large and not hot.”. However, this is not the case with “Bijin-hime”. Although its size is large, its sweetness is above 13 degrees, and it is quite smooth.

There is no doubt that it truly is of the finest quality. Each piece is bright red and shiny, with a glow to it. Its sweet scent tickles your nose when you bring it to your mouth

prize of the strawberry

This is not just the most expensive strawberry you’ll find on the market, but also the largest. These massive strawberries are produced in small quantities every year—usually only about 500 per season. These strawberries are grown to weigh over 100 grams. That’s three times larger than your traditional strawberry. 

when to harvest?

 farmer Okuda Nichio, known as the father of Bijin-hime strawberries, Told CNN that Developing this tennis ball-sized variety took 15 years. Each berry grows in 45 days, and only 500 can be produced every year. “It’s hard getting the shape of these strawberries right – sometimes they turn out like globes,” Nacchio was quoted as saying, “It has taken me 15 years to reach this level of perfection.”

Satisfying the palate with jam

Because of its size, color, and shine, “Bijin-hime” is quite commonly used for decorating wedding cakes. Cakes covered in “Bijin-hime” are sure to leave a lasting impression. Jams made with “”Bijin-hime” are also very popular. The jam has chunks of strawberries in it, almost like eating a fresh strawberry. When Nakata tasted the jam, he couldn’t stop exclaiming, “delicious!”. At Okuda Farm, they spent 13 years on research and experimentation before stabilizing their production in 2010, Producing “Bijin-hime” weighing at least 80 grams. This large strawberry will surely be a new specialty of Hajima, Gifu.

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