HEALTH BENEFITS of falsa(phalsa) fruit

Grewia Asiatica, Falsa, or Phalsa has their roots in South Asia and is closely related to the blueberry. While the summer may bring sweltering heat, it also brings some delicious fresh fruits – and we have to say that falsa are among our favorites.

Its popularity peaks in summer when restaurants and bakeries offer tangy-sweet desserts and juices based on the fruit. Juice them, sprinkle them on your salad or eat them raw, this seasonal fruit can be enjoyed in so many ways.

The best thing about Falsas are that they are actually a very healthy snack. Besides being refreshing in the summer and calming down after a heatstroke, it contains many other health benefits as well.

Grewia asiatica or Falsa fruits of Southeast Asia

health benefits of the fruit

There are a lot of minerals in it, such as magnesium, iron, calcium, and potassium, as well as vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, and C.

01) good for digestion

Juice of the false fruit acts as a digestive…with added benefits! According to the Encyclopedia of World Medicinal Plants, it not only regulates digestion but also serves as a great coolant and restores hydration to the body during stomach flu symptoms.

Botanical experts say Falsas juice can treat stomach pain (but you should consult a doctor to avoid allergic reactions or similar,

02) good for diabetes

As per an article published by the Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Falsas have a low glycemic index, so it can be consumed by both diabetics and those with cardiovascular diseases

03) Effectively Treats Anemia

Falsa contains massive amounts of iron, a mineral essential to monitoring synthesis and ensuring the smooth movement of blood between organs and tissues in the body. Consuming ripe fruit helps boost iron levels and fight fatigue and dizziness in people suffering from iron deficiency or anemia.

04) Provides joint pain relief

The antioxidant content of phalsa makes the unripened fruit anti-inflammatory. In conditions of arthritis and osteoporosis, this is extremely helpful in alleviating severe pain in the bones and also helps to increase joint mobility.

05) It produces a natural cooling effect

Infused with high water content, this luscious summer fruit is a perfect choice for cooling the body on a hot day, as well as during illness. To relieve the sweltering heat, squeeze the juice of phalsa, add a bit of jaggery and consume this desi sherbet.

06) Effectively Manages Malaria

Mosquito bites transmit malaria, a disease that affects both children and adults, particularly in the damp monsoon season. Adding a small serving of phalsa fruits to the regular diet confers valuable antipyretic or temperature/body heat-reducing, analgesic – pain-relieving qualities and greatly alleviates symptoms of body pain, fever, and discomfort often associated with malarial infections.

Side Effects Of Phalsa

  • It is important to remember not to consume too much phalsa while pregnant or lactating, as it could cause extreme fluctuations in the body’s temperature.
  • Phalsa fruits are best bought fresh from stores, as they retain their flavor and dewiness only for a few days after harvest.

history of falsa

According to Wikipedia Falsa is a flowering plant that belongs to the mallow family Malvaceae. The plant was originally found in Varanasi, India, and was taken by Buddhist scholars to other Asian countries and the rest of the world. Grewia Celtidifolia was initially considered a variety of Falsa but is now considered a distinct species.

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