how to eat Prickly pear (cactus)

Few people are aware that the fruit of the nopales cactus (cacti with paddle-like leaves) is edible. They are called prickly pears, and their juice tastes like a combination of bubble gum and watermelon. They come in two primary colors dark purple and green colors.

here is how you can eat this fruit

firstly take a knife and cut into slices both ends of the prickly pear fruit and then put a small cut on the top of the fruit that cuts through the skin and peel back the skin ,it will come right off the fruit super easy and you are left with the fruit only now if you are going to put in a smoothie you can just drop in the smoothie and grind it up.
its a seedful fruit so you can pulverize them and then strain out the seeds if you want to eat it as they are you can eat it as there seeds are also edible and that’s so crunchy

it has hard seeds in there you just keep them in mouth and then spits them out It has a very mild sweet flavor and the texture is very soft almost like a kiwi fruit. it doesn’t taste like a kiwi fruit but the texture is almost like it

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