Taiyo no Tamago Mangoes price

In Japan fruit is more than just something you eat you may have heard about the bunch of grapes that sold for $11,000 or two cantaloupes that sold for $27,000. Well, why would somebody spend such an exorbitant amount of money on just a piece of produce?

Japan is a gift-giving culture. Special occasions, meetings, business deals and visits. They all warrant a token of appreciation. and to show up empty-handed in these situations would be considered bad etiquette. Well, somewhere down the line, the fruit became mixed up into this form of gift-giving. Fruit that is cared for especially well and considered top-of-the-line is one of the greatest forms of respect that you can give as with many things.

Japan has taken this to an extreme fruit is grown meticulously and individually judged like an edible piece of art the better the fruit is the higher the price tag. Are these fruits really as tasty as the price tag suggested or are people paying for nothing more than the presentation? The answer is mentioned at the bottom of the blog.

what is the price of TAIYO NO TAMAGO mangoes?

The price of Taiyo no Tamago Mangoes does not remain constant; it varies depending on their quality and size. In 2017, a pair of this mango was auctioned off and sold for $3600.Each mango was 350 grams in weight. When a mango pair of 700 grams costs $3600, you might imagine buying a kilo will cost more than $4000.

Actually, Taiyo no Tamago (Egg of the Sun) is a mango variety grown in Japan’s Miyazaki area and sold throughout the country. Every year, the first bid for this unique and pricey mango is made here, and their values begin to rise. This mango is not grown the same way as other varieties; instead, it is grown only on order. This mango’s quality is that it is half red and half yellow. It is prepared in Japan between summer and winter, hence it has a very high price.


the appearance of TAIYO NO TAMAGO

this is actually an Erwinin mango. that’s like the variety of mango it is which is from South Florida. This became known as the mango of Japan. these are more expensive because they’re treated with like special care. they grow only in the Miyazaki region at least the top-end ones do. and they grow this in a way so the sun hits all sides of it and gets it perfectly blushed all the way around if you were to get this in Florida it would not be perfectly red would be like orange. they actually will like put an individual net around it on the branch so when it gets perfectly ripe it actually falls into the net and they gonna collect it from that it has like a light mango smells very sweet.

how does TAIYO NO TAMAGO taste?

The Taiyo NO Tamago is a very juicy mango you can even notice the juice while slicing it with a knife. it got a perfect uniform colour on the inside and is very juicy looking and these are not just like picked ripe off the tree. they also, use different kinds of technology to judge how perfect it is They will weigh it to see how dense it is. And a Refractometer is used there to see how sweet it is on the inside.

the flavour is super sweet there’s not a whole lot of sourness to it maybe like a 1 or 2 out of 10. the sweetness is like sugar. On a level of 1 to 10 where 10 is a sugar cube, this is like a 9 and is like eating candy it’s not fibrous like hardly at all. It got a nice juicy texture to it and tastes similar to the Australian mango which is kind of like a tropical flavour like bananas and coconut.

does TAIYO NO TAMAGO worth being expensive?

In my opinion, No fruit should be costing that much money high unless they put a jewel on the inside. what is more, It should be around 30$ to 40$. It is understandable that most people buy it for its presentation and gifting purposes. because this is definitely something that’s very special and it’s not something I could see just showing up at a grocery store for 2 bucks. It is remarkably good

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